Vintage Caravan Hire

Opting to have a holiday by hiring a caravan is a great way to have an alternative holiday that is just that little bit different from the norm.  There are two main types of caravans available: static versions that have a set place (or pitch) in a holiday park and are ideal for family holidays because they generally offer a wide range of entertainment and activities for the whole family; and towed caravans, which you tow behind your car, allowing you to tour a country at your leisure, stopping wherever you want to stop.

What is Vintage Caravan Hire?

Another option is vintage caravan hire. With vintage caravan hire, the length of stay is generally shorter, usually two or three nights, and they are often – but not always – static caravans. Sometimes, the model is not static meaning that it was once towable, but owners often prefer for their vintage caravans to stay in one place, to minimise potential damage.

Vintage caravanning is incredibly popular amongst true caravanning enthusiasts, whose only complaint with current caravans is that they have become too comfortable and luxurious, taking away from that authentic experience of “roughing it” a little bit.

Vintage Caravan Hire Companies

There are a number of companies in the United Kingdom offering vintage caravan hire, such as:

  • Snail Trail, who specialise in offering vintage and retro VW campers for hire.
  • My Vintage Party, a company that offers vintage caravans for hire for parties and events including photo shoots or movie sets.
  • Airstream Caravans, who offer vintage American caravans for hire across the United Kingdom.
  • Vintage Glamour Days, who have a vintage caravan called Audrey, available for hire for events such as weddings, vintage parties and photo shoots.
  • La Rosa Campsite Extraordinaire, a campsite in Whitby where you can find a vintage caravan hire. The entire campsite is retro and eco friendly, using only fairy lights and candles. The campsite is equipped with a composting toilet and an open air bath. They have a variety of vintage caravans available, including a Roma caravan, a truck with wood burner and a tepee.

Vintage Caravan Hire Costs

The cost of vintage caravan hire will depend on what you are looking for. Most vintage caravans are available for hire for events and photo shoots, rather than entire holidays. The Audrey from Vintage Glamour Days, for example, comes free with a package, meaning you pay for things such as cutlery, table linen and afternoon tea. On a campsite such as La Rosa Campsite Extraordinaire, prices are per night and are generally around £60. This campsite, however, is not open during winter and is only open between April and September each year.

As you can see, vintage caravan hire can be great either for an alternative, eco friendly holiday, or for events such as weddings or movie sets. Prices will vary depending on which of these two options you are looking for exactly. If you are trying to go for that real vintage experience, you should always include a beautiful vintage caravan for maximum effect.

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