Static Caravan Hire

When considering static caravan hire, you should also think about acquiring static caravan insurance. This type of insurance gives you the holidaymaker the peace of mind you need when holidaying in your caravan. These policies, as a rule, cover just about anything you could think of in relation to either the exterior or the interior of the caravan. It must be said though, that these insurance policies can vary greatly from one company to another in terms of what they will specifically cover. Although static caravan hire is a fantastic way to enjoy a holiday either at home or on the continent, ensuring adequate protection is in place for a variety of possible mishaps is essential. Some of the coverage you will want to consider so that your holiday is as enjoyable as possible include fire, flood and storm damage; theft; and cover for public liability.

Content protection

When it comes to (personal) contents in the caravan you have hired, there are a couple of options you could choose in terms of coverage options. A “new for old” policy is exactly what it implies – in the event of a claim, the affected contents will be replaced with brand new items. Another policy is one that will take your contents depreciation into consideration when/if it comes to a claim. Obviously, the “new for old” policy is going to be more expensive to buy than the other “depreciation” policy

As with everything when it comes to content insurance, working out how much insurance you need after your static caravan hire all depends on how much you deem it would cost to replace each and every piece of content in the caravan. Making up an inventory of the content can help you greatly when it comes to deciding the figures you want to be looking at.

As well as “internal” content in the caravan, you may want to consider other aspects such as the patio, a veranda or any fencing there may be around the caravan. This, though, will also depend greatly on the type of insurance the owner of the static caravan has in place.

Insurance for Liability

If you do decide on static caravan hire, then you may find that some of the larger caravan parks will insist you are covered by some type of liability insurance. Liability insurance will cover you should a third party make any sort of claim for injury against you whilst at the caravan park. Again, depending on who you get insured with, and what sort of policy you do take out, some of these may cover liability insurance up to an x amount, whilst others may be able to cover you but for an extra fee or an increase in the actual policy fee.

While enjoying your static caravan hire and the worst came to the worst and the caravan was damaged and became unliveable, most static caravan insurance policies will cover you for alternative accommodation. This sort of peace of mind is vital and means that, for the most part, you wouldn’t need to interrupt your holiday.

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