Short Term Caravan Hire

Hiring a caravan is a great way to have a holiday. If you opt for a static caravan, you will more than likely be in a lively and vibrant holiday park, with plenty of activities to entertain both you and the kids. Alternatively, you could hire a mobile caravan, meaning you can go wherever the fancy takes you and have a truly adventurous holiday whereby you can visit all those interesting areas you have always meant to visit.

What is Short Term Caravan Hire?

In the past, caravan hire would almost always be for one week or more and most companies still prefer you to opt for this. However, short term caravan hire is now also available, generally either for a long weekend (Friday to Monday) or midweek (Monday to Friday). Sometimes, it is even possible to find caravan hire for only one or two nights, mainly as a last minute deal when someone paid for a midweek hire, for example, but still intends to leave on a Thursday. Although it is now possible to find short term caravan hire, you will generally be required to contact the caravan owner for more details, as prices are usually expressed in weekly terms.

Short Term Caravan Hire Companies

There is a range of companies offering short term caravan hire, both for static caravans and for self towed caravans. Some companies also exist that bring together both holiday parks and private renters and have a database that you can consult as a customer in order to find the perfect caravan for your holiday. Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Hoseasons, bringing together static caravan holiday parks as well as other types of holiday homes.
  • Direct Holiday Homes, who have a database of holiday homes and caravans both in the United Kingdom and abroad for you to choose from.

Short Term Caravan Hire Costs

The cost of short term caravan hire is generally far more elevated than weekly rental, on a day to day basis of course. Usually, it is cheaper to opt for a midweek hire agreement rather than a weekend agreement, as these prices are also more expensive. Of course, the time of year you are looking to hire a caravan will also make the price vary, with high season (between June and September) being the most expensive, just as with any other holiday. Lastly, the size of the caravan you are considering will also influence the price, with bigger caravans generally being more expensive than smaller ones. However, this difference is often only marginal, meaning that you could have a much cheaper holiday if you were to go with a group of friends who each share the cost on a person to person basis.

As you can see, although short term caravan hire is not a favourite amongst companies who offer caravan rental services, it is becoming much more popular and you should be able to find that perfect caravan for a short period of time without too much trouble.

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