Private Caravan Hire

If you have bought yourself a caravan because you want to spend time away during the holidays then you might also be thinking about the times when you are not using the caravan. Many people who have gone to the expense of actually purchasing a caravan will want to try to recoup some of the money they have spent through private caravan hire.

Private caravan hire means that you can actually look for people who would like to hire your caravan during the times when you are not using it. Private caravan hire is usually less expensive for holiday makers than renting a caravan from a company or the owners of a caravan park. So if you are thinking about private caravan hire in order to make some money, there are a few things that you should know before you begin.

When you buy a caravan, you will want to have it in a certain caravan park and you will pay fees each year. This is on top of what you have paid for the caravan and you will also have to maintain the caravan to a certain standard if you are going to be renting it out. So where do you begin? Well the first thing to do is to get some bookings. One of the first places where holiday makers look for private caravan hire is the internet. So advertising here is going to get you the most bookings. Have a look for sites which will offer you an affordable method of advertising your caravan.

Once you have started to receive some bookings it is a good idea to make sure that you get confirmation in writing. You can do the initial correspondence by email or by telephone but it is worthwhile sending out paperwork by post which the customer must sign and return to you in order to confirm the booking. This will give you some protection and some peace of mind. You can send out any terms and conditions that you want guests to adhere to when you send out confirmation of booking. This looks professional and will ensure that guests know that you are serious about hiring out your caravan.

Private caravan hire should be just as professional as hiring a caravan from a company. That means that you should equip your caravan with all the necessary equipment that guests will need. Guests will want to have everything they need to hand and will not be happy if they get to your caravan and find that simple items such as corkscrews or bottle openers are not there. Find out from other owners of caravans what equipment you need or have a look online in order to get some information. If your caravan is comfortable and well equipped, you may well find that you get repeat visitors.

Make sure that your caravan is well maintained and clean so that guests are happy to stay there. If people are happy with their experience in your caravan, you may soon start to recoup a large chunk of the money that you paid for your caravan and the business of private caravan hire will be well worth the time and effort involved.

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