Gypsy Caravan Hire

Hiring a caravan is a great way to have a fantastic holiday, generally at a much lower cost than other types of holidays. There are two main types of caravans: static caravans that are fixed to one place, generally a holiday park, and towed caravans, that you can drive around the country at your own leisure. Both types have distinctive advantages. Static caravans are ideal for families with children, mainly because the parks where they are located have great facilities for children. Towed caravans are great if you want to have an independent holiday, allowing you to move from one place to another.

What is Gypsy Caravan Hire?

Gypsy caravan hire is great for those people who love the traditional gypsy caravans. These types of caravans are beautiful inside and out and can give you a fantastic experience, be it for a single night or an extended holiday. Generally, companies offering gypsy caravan hire will not allow you to drive with them, particularly since original ones are pulled by horses rather than cars, of course. Generally, gypsy caravan hire works more on a bed and breakfast basis, for several nights or even a single romantic night.

Hiring a gypsy caravan is generally classed as alternative camping or glamping.

Gypsy Caravan Hire Companies

There are a number of companies in the United Kingdom offering Gypsy caravan hire, including:

  • Brick Kiln Farm in Suffolk, who offer the Kizzy Aishe, a beautiful Romani gypsy caravan. Of course, there is no electricity but you will be provided with wood for a campfire for that real authentic experience.
  • Goongillings Cottages, who’s gypsy caravan hire is classed as a showman’s wagon, offering a comfortable place to stay. This particular gypsy caravan is steeped in history and makes for a truly amazing experience.
  • White Horse Gypsy Caravans, offering three night breaks in gypsy caravans that include a tour: your gypsy caravan will be horse drawn on a set track over the course of your holiday. These holidays take place in the Pewsley Valley and include travel to interesting locations. You will get to spend the night in your gypsy caravan and will be fully trained in controlling your horse during your trips, as well as caring for it during the time you have it. White Horse Gypsy Caravans is perfect for that authentic experience, where you can really image yourself being a true Romani.

Gypsy Caravan Hire Costs

The price of gypsy caravan hire depends on the exact caravan. As a guideline, however, you can expect to pay around £30 per night, with a minimum stay of three nights, or £200 per week in high season, lowering to £150 per week in other seasons.

As you can see, opting for gypsy caravan hire is a great way to have a short break. Many people choose this type of holiday for their honeymoon for example. It is affordable and interesting and means you really will be having a one of a kind holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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