Cheap Static Caravan Hire

Many people now choose to take holidays in the UK instead of travelling abroad and hiring a caravan is one way to achieve this. There are generally two types of caravans which are the towed version whereby you can travel from place to place whilst towing your caravan; and static caravans that have a fixed place on a caravan site.

What is Cheap Static Caravan Hire?

Cheap static caravan hire is great for groups of people, particularly those with children. Static caravans have a range of comfortable features, such as their own bathroom and kitchen area, one or more bedrooms and generally a sitting area that can be converted into a further sleeping area. Caravans are all about clever designs, so they tend to have storage spaces in the most unlikely of places, meaning you don’t even have to pack carefully.

Cheap static caravan hire is generally found in caravan parks, making it a great solution for families as there will usually be a range of activities available for children and adults alike.

Cheap Static Caravan Hire Companies

There are literally hundreds of cheap static caravan hire companies available in the UK. Some companies specialise in bringing caravan owners together, allowing them to offer their caravans for hire to the general public. This can give you, as a holiday maker, increased confidence about knowing your caravan will be of good quality. Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration when you are looking for cheap static caravan hire include:

  • Haven Holidays who have a huge register of static caravan parks in their database, allowing you to filter the results by your own requirements and find the best caravan for your needs.
  • Caravan Club who bring together static caravan owners to allow them to hire out their caravans. Members of the Caravan Club receive a discount on their cheap static caravan hire as well.
  • Padstow Caravan Hire who offer cheap static caravan hire in North Cornwall, a fantastic place for caravanning.

Cheap Static Caravan Hire Costs

The cost of cheap static caravan hire will vary. If you are trying to find the cheapest possible option, you may want to consider looking into private hire, although you run the risk of not having a good quality static caravan, or ending up on a park with little to no facilities. Another way of ensuring you find cheap static caravan hire is by going on holiday during low season. Peak season is a very expensive period for holidaying, regardless of what type of holiday you require. Lastly, although larger static caravans are more expensive, they also fit more people meaning you could possibly divide the cost between each person that is holidaying. Generally, this works out cheaper than a smaller static caravan.

As you can see, if you are looking at cheap static caravan hire, there are a range of options available to you. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the best cheap static caravan hire for your needs and requirements allowing you to have a great holiday.

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