Cheap Caravan Hire UK

If you are thinking of a holiday that is slightly different than a week spent all inclusive in Ibiza for a change, you may want to consider hiring a caravan. There are generally two types of caravans available for hire: static caravans that are set on a holiday park, and towed caravans. Towed caravans are great for those people that want to travel across the country at their own leisure, being able to stop and stay where they want, when they want. Static caravans are generally large and comfortable, with all the mod cons available, and are particularly interesting for families with children as holiday parks are generally in interesting locations and also have a lot of fun things on site.

What is Cheap Caravan Hire UK?

Caravan hire is generally much cheaper than any other type of holiday, whether it be static or towed. Opting for cheap caravan hire UK could mean saving up for a shorter amount of time, or having more money to spend whilst you are on holiday.

Cheap Caravan Hire UK Companies

There are hundreds of companies offering cheap caravan hire UK. Some of these specialise in offering static caravans only, others offering towed caravans and others again offer both. There are also many companies who specialise in bringing caravan owners together, be it holiday parks or private caravan owners. Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Haven Holidays, where you can check out a range of available static caravans all across the United Kingdom, allowing you to compare the different parks, locations and caravans.
  • Direct Holiday Homes, bringing together private caravan owners, both static and towed, across the United Kingdom.
  • Cheap Motor Home Hire UK who claim to be the cheapest of all cheap caravan hire UK companies and offer a range of towed caravans, campervans and motor homes for hire.
  • UK Parks, where you can find static caravans in a range of parks across the United Kingdom, allowing you to check and compare the facilities at all the different parks.

Cheap Caravan Hire UK Costs

The cost of cheap caravan hire UK will depend on a range of different factors, not in the least the size of the caravan you are looking for. Of course the bigger the caravan (which is expressed in berths) the more expensive the price. However, on a person to person basis, bigger caravans may actually be cheaper. Cheap caravan hire UK costs generally fluctuate in the same way as other holidays, in as such that there are certain seasons where hire costs will be more expensive than others.

There is also likely to be significant price difference between static caravan hire and towed caravan hire, so if you intend to tow a caravan but stay in a single place, you may want to consider opting for a static caravan at that location, saving you the cost of fuel as well.

So, if you are looking for that perfect holiday, cheap caravan hire UK may be for you. Comfortable and low priced, you are set to have the holiday of a lifetime.

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