Caravan Hire Insurance

Caravanning is a great way to have a holiday, whether it be with a towed caravan, allowing you to travel the country and visit any area you like or whether it be in a static caravan, generally placed in holiday parks, which is ideal for group holidays or for those people with children, as there is generally a range of activities available, making sure everyone stays entertained.

What is Caravan Hire Insurance?

If you are thinking of hiring a caravan, caravan hire insurance is vital. Just like with car insurance, it protects you from all accidents that you cause, as well as accidents that may not have been your fault. When hiring a caravan it is always necessary to have fully comprehensive insurance, as most individuals or companies would not agree to third party, fire and theft insurance only.

Caravan Hire Insurance Companies

There are quite a few companies that offer caravan hire insurance. Some of these are market leaders in all things insurance, others specialise in caravans or other alternative forms of insurance, such as pet insurance, wedding insurance or horse insurance to name but a few. If you are going on a caravanning holiday and require caravan hire insurance, you may want to consider some of the following companies:

  • Alan Boswell, a company that specialises in insurance for a variety of self drive holidays, including caravans and motor homes.
  • EandL, who offer a range of alternative insurance options, including horse insurance, wedding insurance and caravan hire insurance.
  • JML Insurance, who specialise in motor home and campervan insurance.

Caravan Hire Insurance Costs

The cost of caravan hire insurance will depend on a variety of things including whether you are looking at insuring a towed caravan or a static caravan. Some other things that will influence the cost of your quote are:

  • Whether you will be staying at a licensed holiday park
  • Whether the site you will be staying in has ever experienced floods
  • What the contents of your caravan are
  • What year your caravan was built in
  • Whether your caravan is equipped with a security system that is approved
  • Whether you are a member of a caravan club
  • How many years no claims bonus you have on caravanning, driving and home insurance
  • How long you want the insurance for
Some companies that offer caravan hire will include the cost of insurance in their prices, but it is your responsibility to check whether or not this is the case.

Whether you are thinking of going on a touring caravan holiday or a static caravan holiday, it is incredibly important that you have the right levels of caravan hire insurance in place. Generally, this is also required by law. This is to protect both you and your belongings, as well as third parties. Although you will never intend to cause any harm, accidents do happen and it is possible that you could cause damage to other people’s property or bodily harm, which can be incredibly costly if you don’t have caravan hire insurance in place.

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