Caravan Hire Holidays

Many people will tell you that once you go caravanning, you never go back. In fact, it happens often that people go on caravan hire holidays and like it so much that they end up purchasing their very own caravan. There are two main types of caravans available for holidays:

  • Static caravans that are usually placed in a holiday park, which is ideal for families with children as there generally are a lot of activities available in the park to entertain everybody
  • Towed caravans which are ideal for people that want to have the freedom to drive to locations chosen by them, explore the countryside and generally be in charge of their own holiday.

What are Caravan Hire Holidays?

Caravan hire holidays are perfect for anybody that is looking to have a different holiday from the standard all inclusive fortnight in a hot location. They allow you to explore parts of your own country that you may have never seen before, or go abroad and do the same including to far away destinations such as Canada, New Zealand, the United States and Australia, for example.

Caravan Hire Holidays Companies

There is a huge range of companies all across the United Kingdom that specialise in offering caravan hire holidays, whether it be for static caravans, mobile caravans or campervans. Some of these specialise in offering vintage caravanning experiences, which can be a really alternative holiday. If you are thinking of planning your caravanning holiday, you may want to consider some of the following companies:

  • Acorn Caravans, who have a range of self drive packages in place for caravan hire holidays, including motor homes and campervans.
  • Static Caravan, who have a database of private caravan owners who offer their caravans for hire.

Caravan Hire Holidays Costs

The cost of caravan hire holidays will depend on a number of things, such as whether you are looking for static or towed caravans. As a guideline, prices fluctuate in the same way as other holidays, in as such that peak periods are more expensive. Generally, the most expensive period is between the end of June and the beginning of September. Secondly, the type of caravan you are looking for will also influence the price. Generally the bigger the caravan, the higher the price. However, as bigger caravans sleep a larger amount of people, they can actually work out much cheaper on a person to person basis. You may also opt for some optional luxury extras, which will drive the price up of course. Do ensure that you also have insurance in place for your caravan, or that this is included in your quote.

Clearly, going on caravan hire holidays can be the experience of a lifetime, and if you enjoy it you will probably find that you would never again consider any other type of holiday. You may even become one of the many that decide to invest in a caravan of your own, so you can go on holiday whenever you like.

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