Towing Caravan Hire

It is said that once you start caravanning, you will never choose to go back to any other kind of holiday. This is particularly true for towed caravans which give you such tremendous freedom of movement that it will make you wonder why you ever went on any other kind of holiday. If you enjoy a certain place, you can stay, if you don’t enjoy it, you can move on to the next place. The other option is to hire a static caravan, which is particularly great if you have children, as static caravans are usually places in great holiday parks with a range of activities to entertain the children – and you of course.

What is Towing Caravan Hire?

Towing caravan hire is the best option if you are looking at exploring an area. There may be hidden corners of the United Kingdom that you have never seen before. Of course, you can also hire a towing caravan for any holidays abroad with some companies even specialising in offering towing caravans in faraway destinations such as Canada or New Zealand to name but a couple. There has been a rise in popularity in motor home or campervan hire, as these offer even higher levels of comfort as well as the ability to transport more people, but some people will always stick to their towing caravans, to have a more real and authentic experience.

Towing Caravan Hire Companies

There are a number of companies in the United Kingdom offering touring campervan hire, some of which are happy for you to take your caravan abroad, and even some that work together with companies abroad from which you can pick up a caravan. If you are considering having a caravanning holiday, some of the companies you may want to take into consideration are:

  • Tilshead Caravan, who not only offer towing caravan hire but also sales
  • Coast Touring, specialising in touring caravans and campervans
  • Jan D G Caravans, offering towing campervan hire in Devon and Cornwall

Towing Caravan Hire Costs

The cost of towing caravan hire will depend on a number of things but mainly on when you are looking at hiring the caravan. Generally, towing caravan prices increase and decrease in the same way as other holidays, meaning they are most expensive during the peak season between the end of June and the beginning of September. Another thing that will influence the price is the type of caravan, mainly the size and the level of luxury you will be able to find inside. However, towing caravan hire is almost always cheaper than any other type of holiday, your main expense generally being the fuel.

As you can see, opting for towing caravan hire can give you the experience of a lifetime and you may find yourself being one of the many people who decide never to go back to any other type of holiday. You will have the chance to see and do what you want, without having to worry about being comfortable and dry.

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