Private Caravan Hire

Hiring a caravan can almost guarantee a great holiday. There are two main types of caravans for hire:
  • Static caravans – these are generally placed in a holiday park and are ideal for larger groups or families with children, particularly since many of these holiday parks have extensive activities and other things available on site.
  • Mobile caravans – these are towed behind your car. They are great for holidays with great freedom, allowing you to come and go as you please and travel to locations of your choosing.

What is Private Caravan Hire?

One way to have a low cost holiday is by opting for private caravan hire. This means that the caravan is privately owned by someone, who is happy to rent it out for part of the year or even all through the year. Private caravan hire is available for both static and mobile caravans. In the United Kingdom, caravanning is very popular and many people own a caravan that they are happy to rent out.

Private Caravan Hire Companies

It is possible to find private caravan hire by looking at advertisements in a variety of places or by speaking to people you know who may have hired a caravan themselves in the past. However, there are also many companies that specialise in bringing together owners of caravans who rent them out. Finding a private caravan hire in this way gives you peace of mind, as these caravans are generally checked regularly to make sure they conform to their description and are safe and of good quality. Some of the companies that offer this service include:

  • Hoseasons, where you can find a variety of options, including private caravan hire, holiday home rentals and much, much more.
  • UK Caravans 4 Hire, focussing specifically on private static caravans for hire.
  • Direct Holiday Homes, who are able to find private caravan hire as well as holiday homes and villas both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Private Caravan Hire Costs

The price of private caravan hire will depend on a variety of things. Firstly, the time of year in which you are looking to hire a caravan will be of great influence. As with all holidays, caravan hire prices vary depending on the season, with peak seasons being, of course, the most expensive. Secondly, the size of caravan you are looking at will also make a difference. However, if you calculate this price on a person to person basis, it is generally much cheaper. It would be cheaper to hire an 8 berth caravan, in other words, than hiring two 4 berths. You may also be able to significantly reduce the price of your private caravan hire by opting for last minute deals. The downside to this is, of course, that you are not guaranteed to find a deal but if you do you may save yourself as much as 50% of your holiday cost.

Private caravan hire, in other words, is a great and cheap way of having a fantastic holiday, be it in the United Kingdom or abroad.

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