Caravan Hire Wiltshire

If you arelooking for companies that can rent you high quality caravans in Wiltshire then look no further than two excellent companies that currently are offering the best caravans for hire in Wiltshire. These two companies are:

  • Tilshead Caravans
  • Blackmore Vale Leisure

Tilshead Caravans

Tilshead Caravans is a well-established family owned and managed caravan rental business that has a philosophy of providing the very best caravans for hire. Besides offering high class caravans for hire the company also backs that up by offering the best customer service. This company also offers a complete range of caravan hire services and each caravan that is made available for rent is of high quality and almost new and fully equipped as well as fully insured.

You can pick up a rented caravan at the Caravan Hire Centre that is located close to Salisbury and Stonehenge though the company can also deliver the caravan to you anywhere in the UK to a residential address or to a campsite and even to a particular event.

This is a company that specialises in providing high quality caravans for rent and has been in this line of business since the year 1979. Each caravan is fully equipped and there are plenty of sizes for you to choose from. You can, for example, rent a two berth and even a six berth caravan which can be delivered to your address anywhere in the UK.

The hire rates will vary depending on the date of hire and also the time of year but all rates that are quoted will be all inclusive. These caravans are never older than three years and the rates quoted are inclusive of VAT as well as complete insurance.

This company takes great pride in being able to offer superior customer service and it also takes a very flexible approach in serving its customers to ensure that no one has any cause for complaint. To know more about the caravans and their rates and to book one, you will need to contact the company at Tilshead Caravans, Stockbridge Road (A30), Lopcombe, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 1BS. You can also contact the company by calling 01980 863636.

Blackmore Vale Leisure

Blackmore Vale Leisure is a family run caravan hire business that has been offering its services in Wiltshire since 1966. This company offers a range of caravans for hire including caravans that are very luxurious and which have two berth end bedrooms. These caravans are fitted with all the best in modern conveniences and are bright and also very spacious. They can sleep two people and are available for hire at an affordable rate.

Hire four berth luxury caravan

You can also hire a luxury four berth caravan that has all modern conveniences including window blinds, roof lights and blown air heating and more. Such a caravan can be hired for an affordable price.

To know more about this caravan hire Wiltshire business you will need to contact it by calling 01747 851497 or you can complete an online enquiry form.

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