Caravan Hire North East

The best way to enjoy a caravan break in the North East of England is by putting your trust in two excellent caravan parks that offer high quality caravans for hire in the North East. These two parks are:

  • Park Resort Whitley Bay
  • Berwick upon Tweed

Park Resort Whitley Bay

Park Resort Whitley Bay is a great place to hire a comfortable caravan at very reasonable prices. In fact, the rental prices start are very affordable in the low season and will rise appreciably during the high season. These prices may fluctuate depending on factors. Bookings are only taken from Saturday to next Saturday. During the period November until end of March, the Park does not take any bookings on account of very cold weather conditions and also because of insurance issues.

Well equipped caravans

Each caravan is fully equipped with:

  • Large sized television
  • Freeview
  • DVD player plus mini movie library
  • Internet access is available
  • Cooking facilities include:
    • Gas cooker
    • Microwave
    • Toaster
    • Kettle
  • Single master bedroom
  • Two small sized bedrooms with two beds each
  • Spacious living area with fold-out bed
  • Shower
  • Separate WC
You can also hire a travel cot by paying an additional weekly price and bed linen is available for a certain amount of money per bed. You can get an internet connection by paying extra. Smoking is not permitted within the caravan and neither are pets allowed inside and the same goes for single sex parties. Any breakage caused by the guests will have to be paid for and when leaving, you have to remove all your personal belongings and the caravan must be left in a clean and tidy condition.

At the Park, there is an indoor pool that is perfect for children who can also enjoy themselves in an outdoor play area. The Park also lies a mere five minute walk from the local beach and from local amusements.

To book your caravan at this park you will need to contact the owner on his telephone number or by sending an enquiry email.

Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick upon Tweed is a famous market town that has more to it than its historical importance. It has many a restaurant and bar and plenty of shops – each of which lies very close to the caravan park. There are plenty of walking opportunities available at the coast and there are also plenty of historically important sites that are worth viewing. Berwick upon Trent is also situated close to important cities such as Newcastle and Edinburgh. To spend a caravan break you will need to contact Haven Holidays Caravan Park which lies on top of the cliffs and within walking distance of the local sandy beaches. In addition, there is also a park for use by children that lie close to the Park which has excellent facilities including those that are normally found only at a five stars hotel.

This Park is perfect for the holiday needs of young families and there is also plenty of mature entertainment for adults including cabarets and late night disco. If you are looking to relax while taking your caravan break here then there are plenty of opportunities as the Park lies in a very quiet and prime location. There are some wonderful views of the sea that will help to relax you and the coastal walking paths are also very close by.

To contact the owner of a caravan, you will need to speak to them on the phone or you can also send them an enquiry email.

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