Caravan Hire Milton Keynes

For people that wish to rent a high quality and comfortable caravan in Milton Keynes there are currently two excellent caravan hire companies that can supply them with the best caravans for hire in Milton Keynes. These two companies are:

  • Pennyland Campers
  • The Caravan Company

Pennyland Campers

Pennyland Campers is certainly the best company to provide you with a reliable and comfortable caravan for hire in Milton Keynes. This company is in fact everyone’s first choice caravan hire company in Milton Keynes and for good reason. The company’s mission is to provide each customer with the best and most well equipped caravan for hire and it also keeps its prices very competitive.

Spacious and modern caravans

This is also a company that provides all inclusive caravans that are spacious and also very modern and in addition its caravans are also:

  • Reliable and clean
  • Secure and safe
  • Comfortable and well equipped
  • Affordably prices
  • Ability to berth up to six people
Pennyland Campers takes great pride in being a company that offers personalised, genuine and very friendly services and its prices are very budget friendly as well. The company is also conveniently located in the very centre of England in Milton Keynes. Its offices lie just an hour’s drive from London and very close to Birmingham as well as near all the major airports in the Midlands and in London.

You can safely rent your caravan from this company and take it to any part of the UK though collections must be made in Milton Keynes. The cost of hiring a caravan from this company in the period from 1st January to 8thApril 2011 is quite low, especially for the weekend which comprises of two nights including Friday and Sunday. The weekly rental price during this period is also quite low for seven nights starting from Saturday and ending on the next Saturday.

For more information, you can call the company on 01908 674579 or 07977 0103458. The staff that mans these lines are bilingual and can converse in both English and German.

The Caravan Company

The Caravan Company is another excellent option that is worth checking out if you want to hire a caravan in Milton Keynes. This company was established over two decades ago and has seen all the growth that has transformed Milton Keynes into a busy town. The company’s office is located very near to Woburn Sands and to Aspley Guise which are important villages.

The company owns a large fleet of caravans that are available for hire in Milton Keynes. The Elddis 556 Caravan is a good example of the kind of caravans that you can hire from this company. This company also supplies luxury caravans for hire that can also be delivered to any part in the UK. The company in fact owns as many as fifteen luxury caravans that are available for hire.

It has also successfully rented out its caravans to various events in different parts of England. It has rented its caravans to:

  • Moto GP
  • Silverstone GP
  • V Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival and much more
To contact this company, you need to call Geoff, Mark or Steve on 01908 586000.

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