Caravan Hire UK

Caravanning is a great way to spend an alternative holiday. It is generally much cheaper than booking into a hotel room, and usually just as comfortable. If you opt to hire a towed caravan, you will also be able to visit multiple destinations, meaning there is no reason to spend your full holiday in a place you may not like once you arrive there.

What is Caravan Hire UK?

Caravan hire UK is incredibly popular, particularly for static caravans. There is an array of holiday parks all across the country that offer large and comfortable caravans, that generally include a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, a comfortable sitting area (generally with television!) and a number of bedrooms. Generally, the sitting area can also be converted into a further sleeping area, meaning you could go with a large group of friends and have the holiday of a life time. Holiday parks that have static caravans generally also have a range of activities on the park, making them ideal for families with children.

Caravan Hire UK Companies

There is a wide range of caravan hire UK companies, some offering static caravans, others offering towed caravans. Some of these companies specialise in putting you in touch with private caravan owners. If you are looking at caravan hire UK, you could contact some of the following companies:

  • Static Caravan who bring together private static caravan owners that offer their caravans for hire.
  • Acorn Caravans who offer a number of different caravan hire UK models and sizes.
  • Just Go who offer a database of private caravan owners. They focus on towed caravans.
  • Tilshead Caravans who have a range of caravans available for hire.

Caravan Hire UK Costs

The cost of caravan hire UK will depend on a number of factors, making it hard to give a price indication. Firstly, the price will vary depending on whether you are looking at a static or a towed caravan. Next, the size of the caravan you require as well as the level of luxury will also be of influence. Caravan hire costs fluctuate in the same way as other holidays, meaning that certain seasons are more expensive than others. You may be able to get a discount if you hire your caravan for two weeks or more, however.

Generally, private caravan hire UK is the cheapest form of caravan hire, but is important that you check the quality of the caravan. You will also be responsible for the insurance of the caravan in case of a towed model.

As you can see, whether you are looking at hiring a towed caravan for a driving holiday across the country, or whether you would prefer a static caravan for you, some friends and all the children in one of the many fantastic holiday parks in the UK, caravan hire UK may be the solution for you. It is possible to keep costs down by opting for private caravan hire, but even through major companies, hiring a caravan is generally cheaper than hiring a holiday home that has similar features.

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