Caravan Hire Prices

Many people say that caravanning is the ultimate way to have a holiday. It is so different from the standard two week all inclusive holiday in the sun, where you see the same people and the same members of staff every year. There are two main types of caravans available for hire, being:

  • Static caravans, which are generally placed in holiday parks. This is a great holiday for larger groups of people, or families with children, as there is generally a range of activities available on site to entertain everyone from the youngest to the oldest member of the family.
  • Towed caravans, which give you a tremendous feeling of freedom, allowing you to drive where the fancy takes you, staying where you want to stay and leaving boring places behind you.
Of course, if you are thinking of going on a caravan holiday, you will be wondering about caravan hire prices.

Seasonal Caravan Hire Prices

The main thing that influences caravan hire prices is the time of year in which you are looking to go on holiday. Just like with any other type of holiday, seasons will influence the price with the period between the end of June and the beginning of September being the most expensive time of year. Whether you are looking for a static or a towed caravan, you will generally find the prices are most expensive in this period.

The only exception to this rule is for vintage or novelty caravans, such as Gypsy caravans or campsites that focus on glamping, where the prices are generally per night and stay the same all year round.

Private Hire or a Company?

Another thing that influences caravan hire prices is whether you are looking at private hire, or at hiring through a company. Generally, hiring a caravan through a company or holiday park is more expensive than private hire, but it does have certain specific benefits, mainly that insurance will generally be included in the price and that there will be some excellent quality and safety control on the caravan.

There are also certain companies that bring together private caravan owners, allowing you to find the best caravan for you by answering a few simple search criteria. Caravan hire prices in this case are generally slightly cheaper than going through a company, but you still have those levels of protection that ensure that the caravan will be as described.

Direct Hire

Your last option would be to find a caravan direct from an owner, which is generally a very cheap option. However, you will be responsible for the insurance and there is no guarantee that the caravan will be as described in the advertisement that you will have found. In case of a towed caravan, you will also be responsible for picking up the caravan and returning it to the owner.

As you can see, caravan hire prices will vary depending first on which type of caravan you are looking for, static or towed, when you are looking at hiring it and who you will be hiring the caravan from.

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